Melody A familiar Music experience. The Music app built into iOS 9 is among the best Music app designs ever. Sadly, with the introduction of iOS 10, it was replaced with a much less favourable one, and those who have upgraded have stuck with, but not anymore. Melody brings back pieces of the iOS 9 Music app's design and user interface, making you feel at home in your Music app.

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Bit by bit

Melody may start out basic, only theming some elements of the Music app, but it also comes with a promise. Melody will be a continuous effort. We will keep providing updates to increase the Music app's similarity to iOS 9's until we are satisfied. This type of approach allows us to release such a large project in such an amount of time.

Pixel Perfection

Our goal with Melody is to recreate the experience of the iOS 9 Music app pixel-for-pixel, one step at a time. By extracting information about the iOS 9 Music app's UI, porting it to work with the new structure of the iOS 10 Music app, and integrating each element seemlessly, we believe that we have accomplished this.

The Music you love.

Melody is fully compatible and actually designed to work with Apple Music, making Melody the best tweak of it's kind. In addition, since this is a tweak on top of the actual Music app, all of your Music library is available.

and best of all, it's made with love

by AppleBetas and nullpixel.