Dynastic Development

We're creating the future of software.

About Dynastic

Dynastic Development is a development team dedicated to creating software of various different types in the best ways possible. Using its team consisting of a large variety of talents, Dynastic products raise the bar in terms of design, usability, and functionality. Products span from jailbreak tweaks and themes, to iOS apps and popular web services.

What we make

We pride ourselves on the quality of products that we make. Some of our most notable projects include:

Translucent Messages

Add a stunning new look to your messages. Make your Messages app translucent and blurred so that you can see your wallpaper through it. A complete revamp of the Messages UI, based on whatever wallpaper you have set.

Coming Soon

The Music app built into iOS 9 is among the best Music app designs ever. Sadly, with the introduction of iOS 10, it was replaced with a much less favourable one. Melody brings back pieces of the iOS 9 Music app's design and user interface.


For April Fools 2017, Reddit created "Place". Place was a shared 1000x1000 canvas that allowed you to add a pixel every five minutes, but it turned into so much more than that. Sadly, it was shut down. Our canvas.place recreates that experience.

Quartzy: Coming Soon

Tired of looking for a unique theme? Well look no further. Because Quartzy is the first theme ever that has a beautiful crystalline structure to it, it truly stands out. Crafted meticulously, crystal by crystal, Quartzy is arguably the coolest theme you've seen.

Coming Soon

Adds a countdown to your Lock Screen (replacing the "Press home to unlock" or "Slide to unlock" text) to a date of your choosing. In addition, it is highly customizable, letting you change many things about how it displays countdowns, such as the format to use.

Coming Soon

Golden Rings

for iOS and Apple Watch

Who we are

Our team consists of many people with different talents from all around the world.

Jamie Bishop Developer

From the United Kingdom, Jamie Bishop (or nullpixel) is an important part of Dynastic. Among other things, his most notable creations include OpenPokeMap, various tweaks, and /r/sideloaded, a community about no-jailbreak iOS tweaks. He is also well known in the Jailbreak community for ensuring that people are informed.

AppleBetas Developer and Designer

AppleBetas is a developer from Canada and an integral part of Dynastic. He first got started by helping people get betas up and running, but decided to start developing publicly. Now, he is best known as a jailbreak tweak developer, with many popular tweaks, but he often strays from that community to create other products and software.

Eric Rabil Developer

From the United States, Eric Rabil is a developer at Dynastic Development, actively contributing to Dynastic's projects. He is best known for his Discord bot framework, Cast, which superseded DDBot to improve the service and the concept of Discord bots as a whole. He started with PHP, then Java, and is now using web technologies, most notably Node.js.

drippnvvs Designer

From the United States, drippnvvs is a big part of Dynastic. He started off just helping people with sideloading and later became a mod at /r/sideloaded. His hobby of graphical design began when he helped make icons for an incomplete theme. But then one thing led to another, and now drippnvvs is making themes, profile icons, UI mockups, and more for Dynastic.

Are you guys hiring?

Thanks for your inquiry. At the moment, we are not looking for any new additions to our team.