Dynastic Repo

Transfer Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Learn how we protect your information when a developer transfers their product to Dynastic Repo.

Dynastic Repo is an innovative repo platform that allows developers to easily publish tweaks for jailbreak users.

As we launch, many developers have contacted us about switching to Dynastic Repo, due to its benefits over other repo platforms. To accommodate these developers, we have created a state-of-the-art transfer system which not only guides users through the transfer policy, but operates in a way that preserves user privacy.

How transfers work

When a developer asks us to move a product to our repository, we contact the owners of the other repo to get a list of people who have previously purchased the package. This allows us to give previous customers a way to continue using the product once it goes live on Dynastic Repo. Without this information, all past buyers would have to repurchase it. We ask that they only send us the email addresses of past purchasers, so we exchange as little identifiable information as possible. If they refuse to give this data, we work with the developer to find a solution that works for all parties involved.

Once we have received this information, a representative of Dynastic enters this information into Dynastic Repo. This representative will then destroy all copies of the user information received to ensure there are no leaks. A transfer is initiated in our repo software and all users are contacted by email. Once a user’s email has been sent, their email address is removed from the database and replaced with an irreversible hash.

When a past customer clicks a transfer link in their email, we use the data in that email to lookup the hash of the user. This information is then verified, and if accepted, they will be presented with a screen to transfer the purchase to their Dynastic Account. The previous hash of their email address is retained as a record of the transfer and past purchase.

Some users may miss their transfer email, so we offer a way for them to re-send the email by providing their email address. When a user requests a new email be sent, we hash the email they provide and check it against existing hashes. If a match is found, we use the email address they have provided to send a new email, and do not retain their provided email address.

Data we store

We have worked hard in order to create a system that stores as little data on previous customers as possible. We retain the following information:

  • An irreversible hash of the user’s email address

Data we do not store

We only store what we have specified above. For reference, we will never store the following:

  • User’s email address (after the initial email is sent)
  • User’s name
  • User’s device information
  • User’s payment information
  • Anything not listed under “Data we store”

Completed transfers are subject to the Dynastic Accounts Privacy Policy that you agree to when you create an account. If you have questions about the precautions we take to protect your privacy, feel free to reach out to us by email at [email protected]. Policy effective for transfers initiated or completed after March 20th, 2019.