Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of the most common ShortLook questions.

What is ShortLook?

ShortLook is a better UI for receiving notifications. Using its beautiful full-screen design, it’s optimised for readability from a distance. By default, it also takes advantage of the OLED technology on some phones to save battery while displaying notifications.

Is ShortLook an always-on-display?

While it does make use of OLED technology, it is not an always-on-display. ShortLook only displays briefly after receiving a notification, and then disappears - this is by design.

What devices does ShortLook support?

ShortLook supports iOS 11 to iOS 14. ShortLook supports all devices on these versions.

Can I use ShortLook without a jailbreak?

Unfortunately, no. Apple does not allow software that modifies system functionality (i.e. tweaks), so you will need to jailbreak. You can read our jailbreaking FAQ for more details.