Introducing Dynastic Repo

A modern jailbreak repository.

When we announced ShortLook, we were looking to get it out to customers as fast as possible. Unfortunately, after looking at the hosting options available, we decided that there wasn’t a suitable repo for our work. Over the last few months, we set out to create a modern repository.

Today, we’re really excited to be launching Dynastic Repo. From the ground up, we’ve designed it for the best experience: depictions are optimized to provide rich visuals, and purchases made to be quick and effortless. We’re excited to see where it takes us.

What’s next?

We can’t say, but like Dynastic Accounts, Dynastic Repo is built to last: we’ve structured it in a way that we think will allow us to build upon it quickly.

There’s a lot of possibilities. For example, during our voice AMA in the Jailbreak Discord last month, we mentioned our multi-repo capability, allowing us to host multiple repos from the same infrastructure. The next few months will be interesting.

Go to Dynastic Repo.

Dynastic Repo is our modern marketplace for jailbroken devices.