Celebrating Pride

Participating in meaningful change.

As we look back on all the incredible progress that has been made towards a more inclusive, respectful society, it is important to remember and honor those that participated in one of the first tumultuous uprisings, brave enough to stand up and protest against LGBTQ+ discrimination in 1969, in New York.

It is because of these brave individuals, such as activist Marsha P. Johnson, that today we are able to continue making strides towards a brighter future, one where everyone in the LGBTQ+ community will be able to love who they love, to be who they are, and to do with their person what they desire, anywhere in the world.

As humans, our identity is our most valued possession. It empowers us, inspires us, and enables us to show to the world who we are, and there shouldn’t be anything that restrains us from being our true selves.

At Dynastic, we celebrate and praise inclusivity, diversity, and individuality, both in our community and within our company, which aims to be a healthy and safe environment for our LGBTQ+ employees, collaborators, and customers.

For the month of June, we’re inviting you to help us make a difference. This month, 100% of the proceeds of our most popular tweak, ShortLook, will be donated to The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to providing counselling, help, and resources to LGBTQ+ youth struggling with mental health. For this occasion, we’ve raised the price to $5 — an anti-sale, if you will! In addition, we’ll be matching donations made by purchasing ShortLook.

It’s really that easy: spend $5 and the Trevor Project will receive $10. Not only will you get a new tweak, but you’ll have supported the lifesaving work that they are doing.

Already have ShortLook? We encourage you to donate directly here.

From everyone at Dynastic, including our LGBTQ+-identifying executives and collaborators, we invite you to be part of the change, spread awareness and positivity, make a donation to the LGBTQ+ fund of your choice, and invite others to do the same; to make the world a better place.

Stay Proud.