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September 2021

Saying Goodbye to Dynastic Repo

Today, we're announcing the end of Dynastic Repo.

June 2021

Celebrating Pride

Participating in meaningful change.

January 2020

Discontinuing canvas.place

Thank you for playing.

May 2019

Join the Dynastic Beta Program

Help create better quality software.

March 2019

Introducing Dynastic Repo Gift Links

Streamline the gift redemption process.

Dynastic Repo Public Beta

Developers, the wait is over.

New on Dynastic Research: Defeating CoreTrust

Completely bypassing codesigning on modern iOS.

February 2019

Introducing Dynastic Repo Short Links

A new way to link to your packages.

Take advantage of Dynastic Accounts

Learn more about your Dynastic Account.

January 2019

Introducing Dynastic Research Blog

We've created a new home for our research efforts.

December 2018

2018 Holiday Giveaways

Free tweaks for some holiday cheer.

Gifting Packages on Dynastic Repo

We've introduced a new feature allowing you to purchase gifts for others.

November 2018

Welcome to the new Dynastic.co

We've launched a new website showcasing what matters most.

October 2018

Dynastic Repo is now a default repo

We're excited to have the support of both main jailbreaks.

September 2018

Working towards Dynastic Repo

The latest on our plans for Dynastic Repo.

July 2018

The future of Dynastic Repo

Our plans for Dynastic Repo.

ShortLook is now available

Now available: Your notifications at a glance.

Introducing Dynastic Repo

A modern jailbreak repository.

Introducing Dynastic Accounts

One account to access all of Dynastic's products and services.

March 2018

Introducing ShortLook

Coming soon: Your notifications at a glance.

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